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ACI Air Cargo Inc. has been in operation in Toronto since 1977. We pride ourselves in being experts in the field of Airline Freight Handling. We currently have dual bond warehouses facilities in Toronto and Montreal. We are Air Freight Specialist offering a wide range of services to Airlines, Forwarders, Shippers and Consignees.

At ACI we are committed to providing value-added warehouse solutions that are tailored to your specific supply chain process. We know that with your decision to outsource comes the expectation of a turn-key solution from a partner-provider that you can depend on. By developing and delivering a comprehensive program molded around your requirements, we are able to transform the warehouse from a cost center into a source of value and benefit to your organization.

We realize that although the warehouse may be a cost within the supply chain, it is also a fundamental link in the revenue chain. Our customers rely on us to ensure the smooth and efficient flow of goods from producer to user. By offering superior quality and customer service within a corporate climate of innovation and enhanced efficiency, we are able to offer true value to all of our clients.

With an IATA certified freight dispatching system, enabling EDI communication with international customs offices and freight customers, integrated ramp handling and a trucking network with computerized dispatch and Global Positioning Systems we are able to meet virtually all your logistics requirements effectively and efficiently.


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