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Air Cargo Handling for...

Freight Forwarders

We offer freight forwarders a variety of cargo handling services; from bulk cargo to ULD build-up or breakdown, on domestic or international flights and complete charter flight operations in Toronto (YYZ) and Montreal (YUL). With our freight dispatching system capable of EDI communication with international customs offices and freight customers worldwide, our integrated ramp handling and a trucking network with computerized dispatch and Global Positioning Systems we are able to meet virtually all your logistics requirements effectively and efficiently. Export Departments can cut hours off their airline tender times and save money on expensive security costs associated with Air Freight by using ACI's services. We operate a Transport Canada Approved Secure Warehouse where we can accept and handle secure export goods, x-ray screen unsecure shipments if necessary, and tender freight to the airline quickly.


We provide all cargo handling requirements outlined in the IATA Standard Ground Handling Agreements.  We employ Air Freight Expert to handle ULD build-up and breakdown air freight. We own and operate an IATA approved freight dispatching system capable of EDI messaging, Freight Status Updates and Advanced Electronic Customs reporting. With our partner ramp operations team and affiliated trucking fleet we are able to provide a full scope of services unique in Canada.

Warehouse & Logistics

A Member of Transport Canada’s Secure Supply Chain and leader in the Safe and Secure Cargo Handling of air cargo; our warehouse and logistics services include basics like break bulk, sorting, deconsolidating and on-time delivery. We also offer specialized air export handling involving x-ray screening of shipments, consolidating shipments and secure carriage for tendering of exports. Our in-house Ground Transportation services are second to none in the industry and focused on long-haul, trans-border and project freight. We also partner with local cartage companies to offer cost effective and reliable on-time deliveries and pick-ups.



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